Monday, November 8, 2010

Square Wedding Cakes Ideas

Two persons decide to unite at one point of time because they have love flowing in their relationship. They plan to take a small step ahead, get married and have a peaceful life. They promise to share all the sorrows and happiness that they face in life. Such an occasion needs to be celebrated with love and affection. A wedding cake is a symbol of love which is bright and fragile. Love is strong which can withhold any problem with its power. Having a square cake for celebration is the perfect idea to enjoy the committed life ahead. Design of the square cake should be replica of the couple which is getting married. It should have ingredients which match the tastes of the married couple. There are different designs that can be selected on a square cake.

A square wedding cake has that elegant look which can be replicated with the couple. The cake steals the attraction of the crowd when they enter the hall or arena. You can select the color and design of the cake according to your needs. Some of them have flowers with floral designs in the background. Some of them are two or three tiered cakes. These are some designs that are usually seen in cake. It is solely up to you to decide which one will suit your needs. When it comes to flavors the list keeps going on and on. You might get confused as to which flavor will suit and taste best. Chocolate, pineapple, vanilla, strawberry, black current, white butter and fruit cake are some of the flavors available. Selecting the flavor according to your liking will make the day special.

Now after the cake's flavor is chosen, you can decide about the external designing of the cake. Ribbons and flowers can be kept as bordering. You can border the cake with motifs and special items which are close to your heart. Square cakes are preferred by those who wish to have a royal wedding with simple taste. Multi layer cake can be one of the designs that can be selected for wedding. You enjoy a wedding because it is an event where two souls meet. Therefore the design and flavor should be unique. For flavoring you can even choose different combination of flavors. Color schemes are also available. The color will be according to your choice but the flavor should match the color. In multi layered cake you can keep one layer in butterscotch and the other in chocolate. This is one of the recent traditions which is followed for royal square cake. Even you can select the color of the cake according to venue arrangement. If you have selected a particular floral theme you can get the color of the cake according to that color. The design and color of that cake will add to the interior look of the venue arrangement.

However you must check the price of square wedding cakes before placing the order. In such situations you might have to spend extra. But ordering from a genuine store at the right price will help a lot. You need to ensure the flower arrangement and theme of the venue should be according to the design of the cake. This will make the moment very special and memorable for you.

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