Sunday, November 14, 2010

Pie As An Ideal Corporate Holiday Gift Idea - 5 Reasons

So often we want to send a corporate gift to a boss, colleague or client but are stumped as to what would be something they would truly like. Often when we are able to think of things the recipient would truly like, we realize our budget constraints. Gift baskets have been the corporate holiday gift staple for so long that they are simply blas? and lack luster. Sending a bottle of wine is hit-or-miss and is usually costly and unappreciated. Giving corporate holiday gifts with your company logo on them is just downright cheesy. So what is one to do? Send a corporate pie and below are the 5 reasons why.

1. Pie is liked by everyone

Everyone from young to old, male to female, no matter race, religion or creed likes pie. Pies come in so many delicious flavors and combinations of ingredients that everyone has a few favorites. There are pies made of luscious spiced fruits, berries, custards and nuts just to name a few. There are regional favorites that come from the locally grown harvest. There are also pies that are especially fitting for specific holidays and celebrations.

2. Pie is the ultimate comfort food

Almost everyone can remember eating pie as a child and the joy of the delicious taste of warm sweet fruit enveloped in flaky crust or the cool creaminess of chocolate or coconut custard topped with whipped cream. Just the spicy sweet aroma of pumpkin pie fresh out of the oven triggers sweet childhood memories of Thanksgivings past. How sweet it is when everyone dear to you is gathered enjoying a delicious pie. The experience of gathering with friends and family enjoying pie together is as gratifying and comforting as a hug.

3. Pie shows you care

The whole reason we send gifts is to let people know we care and we value them. We are often automatically giving gifts to our family and friends during the holidays. But our allies in the workforce and our valued clients also deserve and benefit from expressions of appreciation such as receiving a corporate pie. When a client receives a holiday corporate pie from you, a bond is forged in which loyalty and admiration flow.

4. Pie won't break the bank

We all know that endless expense accounts and the highlife of expensive entertaining in the corporate world is a thing of the past for most companies. With layoffs and budget constraints, everyone has to be very careful on how the company funds are utilized. However, we know that sending a client an inexpensive gift that they will truly love like a corporate pie will pay off in spades.

5. Pie delivery is easy

Besides the fact that sending a corporate pie will be appreciated and enjoyed by the recipient and won't bust your company budget, pie is super easy to send. Pie bakeries and specialty pie shops have come up with sophisticated means to keep a pie fresh and delectable while shipping it across land or ocean. So even if your client or colleague is in a different state, you can send them the comforting gift of pie to their home or office.

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