Saturday, November 6, 2010

"Cake Boss" expands to Jersey City

Carlo's Bakery, home of TLC's "Cake Boss," will be expanding to Jersey City, but don't worry; Buddy Valastro and the rest of Carlo's employees won't be abandoning Hoboken. With 130 employees in a 7,000 square foot facility, the business has outgrown the building. While Carlo's Bakery on Washington Street in Hoboken will remain open, the new home of "Cake Boss" will be used for filming and distribution. Also, with a larger production site, Carlo's will be taken to a new level as they will begin taking nationwide internet orders. Though an exact opening date is not set for the building, it is expected that Carlo's will be operating in the new building by early next year.
Carlo's Bakery will be moving into the Lackawanna Center in Jersey City. The building is a historic eight story warehouse. The warehouse is currently being renovated into a new retail plaza called The Shops at Lackawanna. Carlo's Bakery will be leasing 32,000 square feet of ground space out of the building's 200,000 square feet of retail space. Although Carlo's will be leasing retail space, they will not be opening a retail store in the Jersey City location. The new premise will be used as a headquarters and as a production facility. A common characteristic of Carlo's Bakery and the Lackawanna Center is their rich histories. While the bakery is 100 years old, the Lackawanna Center was built in 1939 by the Delaware Lackawanna and Western Railroad Company.
The building co-owner, Emmes Asset Management, LLC, announced in mid-October that Buddy would be leasing ground floor of the building. On October 19, a welcome event was held at the Lackawanna Center. Politicians, bankers, developers, and real estate agents, as well as the Jersey City mayor, were present at the event. The welcome event will be featured as an episode on "Cake Boss." And of course to top off the event, a cake replica of the building was unveiled.

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