Saturday, November 20, 2010

Fondant Cakes

Many types of wedding cakes have a lovely fondant. This is an icing substance used for decorating cakes. Most of you have seen fondant cakes even though you may not be aware of it. It can be prepared with a poured or a rolled fondant. The later is actually a cream confection that normally covers sweets and candies. It is made of sugar and water mixture, heated and cooled at given temperature ranges. Then, the maker stirs the mixture until it achieves a thick creamy texture.

Some of the products have flavorings and others do not. In addition, some poured fondants have colors. A rolled icing is common in wedding cake decorations. Its constituent involves an element called gelatin and food glycerin. It looks like a dough and has elastic flow. This is why a fondant cake covered with this rolled style looks smooth and attractive. This item is very easy to roll and shape. If you want to prepare fondant cake personally, you can go for any of the two types explained above. They are not very difficult to use, although a lot of creativity is necessary.

The following tips can help you make fondant cakes for Christmas 2010. The first step is making the types of cakes you want. Make all of them in advance and ensure that each has thin butter cream layer on top. The second step is kneading this paste the same way you do ordinary dough. For that reason, you must choose a very smooth textured worktable and make sure the icing is not sticky. You can apply a little amount of butter cream. Then, knead with your hands until the paste is smooth and elastic.

The third step is rolling out the soft dough. Use the usual rolling pin to do it and maintain a thickness of about a quarter to an eighth of an inch. Rolling will help you remove bubbles and excess fondant. Make sure that you already have a cake tier, which could feature any shape. Next, lift your stretched fondant using your hands and place it over the tier. Do it quickly and accurately to prevent drying. You will notice that there is still excess icing or covering around the ends, which you must cut with a knife. This covering will hold onto the butter cream coat.

Remove any bubbles because you want to give your cake a very smooth finish. Those are the basic steps for making this type of a cake. If you want deeper understanding, now you can freely use the Internet. There is enough information available to you in form of articles, reviews, blogs, forums and so on. All you have to do is to use all this free information. The other way to do this is by attending cooking classes. These are available too and can offer the training you require to prepared fondant cakes this Christmas. Shopping should occur on the Internet too. Look for stores that sell fondants, including tools, flavorings, colorings and other necessary items.

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