Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Cheesecakes Flavors

Cheesecakes are definitely among the favorites when it comes to the most delicious desserts and treats of all time. It is a dessert that is both as light as cheese and as sumptuous as our favorite cake desserts. For many it is one of the most anticipated desserts available due to the creaminess and smoothness that sets it apart from many other desserts available in the world of fine culinary adventures.

The best cheese cake desserts are very popular indeed. This is due to a smoothness that radiates from its very base to the many different toppings chosen to crown this special dessert. They are made with two layers of sumptuous flavors. Basically, it is a fusion of the hard crust and the soft topping which just gives you a different sensation when you sink your teeth in. After the first bite, the whole thing just melts in your mouth and you instantly feel like you just could never possibly get enough of its rich goodness.

The first layer of a cheese cake is made of a very thin crust. The next layer is made of light cheese that is mixed in with different flavorings which are chosen to appeal to different personal preferences. Basically the whole layer is just made of cheesy goodness. What sets it apart is the cheese is always freshly added, making for a delicate sweetness and a smooth concoction that hardens to make that soft and fluffy layer of the cake. After these basic layers of the cake, flavors and additional treats are added in. Some popular choices are blueberries, raspberries and other berries and fruits. Do not forget about chocolate, caramel or other flavored toppings either. For some the best flavor choice is no added toppings at all.

For the health conscious, some may believe the choices are limited when it comes to delicious treats. This is a common misconception since just as there are many kinds of cheesecakes on the menu; the choices are just as many for the health conscious. With cheese cake flavor options for the health conscious, many of the same flavors are still present thanks to innovative bakers.

Healthy, delectable and of course - very guilt free; the next time you are looking for a real dessert treat think about cheesecake. Try a slice of cheese cake next time you feel like giving in to the temptation of eating your favourite sweet dessert treat.

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