Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Kitchen Boss Bresaola Rolls Recipe

Bresaola Rolls Recipe


12 slices Bresaola or Prosciutto
Fresh Black Pepper
6 dried figs, halved
½ cup goat cheese
12 Marcona almonds, roasted and salted


Lay out the piece of Bresaola flat on a cutting board and cut in half, crosswise. Season with fresh ground black pepper.
Place 1/2 fig at one end of Bresaola. On that, pack 2 teaspoons goat cheese and 1 almond. Roll the Bresaola over the date/cheese/almonds. If there is significant extra width, just fold over the meat just like an egg/spring roll.
Arrange on a platter. Serve at room temperature. Makes 12 Bresaola Rolls

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