Monday, December 20, 2010

How to Make Layer Jello Recipes

Layer jello recipes are one of the more popular desserts you will find, especially during the holidays. These recipes are nice, because they do offer a series of delicious flavor combinations that will have your taste buds popping with the different flavor combinations. Of course, if you have never made them before, you might not be sure how to make them. This process is a bit more complicated than throwing a number of different hot mixtures in the same pan. We will look at some tips that even the more advanced professional might find helpful.

To begin with, you might not be sure how to create the layered effect. This is easily done with the use of the fridge and some extra time. Begin by creating your first flavor that will be going into your layer jello recipes and use half a cup of hot water. Then mix it well, follow it with a half a cup of chilled water. This will help your jello to start becoming solid faster. Place it in the bottom of a slightly greased pan. Then allow it to chill for an hour or until firm.

The grease will help to prevent the jello from forming to imperfections in the pan. It will also help to block the flavor of the metallic pans that people often use. Of course, you will want to choose an unflavored grease if you are going to go this route. Otherwise, you just exchange out some of the different flavors in this case.

When you are ready to place your next layer down, be sure you do not pour it over the cool jello at a temperature above warm. If you do, the lower layer of jello will begin to blend with the mixture that you just placed over it and it might not set the way you would like it to.

While you are creating your layer jello recipes, you might also consider making some fun adjustments. One of the most common is using chilled lemon lime soda in place of the chilled water. This adds a spark to the mix and can give your guests one of the most unique flavor variations that will certainly have them talking for some time to come.

Remember that the overall goal in this recipe is to create a decent number of layers. Many people will go for 7 -9 and create a full rainbow that will dazzle the eyes as well as the palate. Be sure you get creative and do not be afraid to experiment. With this delicious dish, there really is no wrong flavor combination and instead, you might find that your own creation is better than any you have tried before in the past.

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