Wednesday, December 22, 2010

'Cake Boss: Next Great Baker

For the second episode of "Cake Boss: Next Great Baker," the editing made one thing very clear from the get-go -- Joe was in trouble. He had trouble impressing Buddy following the first victory, and he then struggled to make carrot cake during the first challenge. Suffice it to say, the boss was out for blood. Corina clashed with the guy on a frequent basis, primarily during the second challenge where teams had to design a tribute cake for Monopoly.

When it comes for the first challenge, the winner was Megan with a devil's food cake that did in fact look delightful. As for the second challenge, it was really pretty obvious that Joe's team would be losing -- cake-wise, it actually seemed that their cake wasn't any worse than the team with Brian, Greggy, and Pamela.

The ultimate decision here for Buddy came down to Joe and Corina, and ultimately Buddy decided to settle their dispute by being rather unfair. The debate here involved whether or not to dismiss someone who wasn't really in their element (Joe) or someone who made a threat with a knife (Corina). Buddy asked Joe if he deserved to go home, and he said "yes" in that he did the worst job.

However, he didn't quit -- but for some reason Buddy bullied him into being a quitter. He was just being honest! The truth is with Joe is that he may have been a better fit for a show like "Top Chef: Just Desserts," where he could focus more on the parts of baking he excels at.

We're going to try and chat with Joe about this elimination Tuesday, so check back then for more news. What do you think about his exit?

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