Thursday, September 16, 2010

What The Cake Boss Taught Me About Being The Wedding Boss

If like thousands of other households across the world you and your family invite Buddy Valastro and his whole family into your home with TLC’s hit show Cake Boss every week – you might be excited to know that he’s currently touring the country with his stage show all about the hit tv series, his life, and his passion. I was lucky enough, thanks to, on Friday to see him at the Queen Elizabeth Theatre in Toronto. While the show was certainly entertaining there were a few snippets that really caught my attention and easily translate from Buddy’s Cake Boss persona to my Wedding Boss persona.

Sometimes our calling just finds us and not the other way around. Buddy ended up in Carlo’s Bakery as a kid when his Dad started bringing him to work after finding him playing with matches. He found through baking he was going to work happy and excited to get up every morning. Baking was his calling. At 17, he became head of the household, and had to earn the respect of his colleagues and family but by being passionate he threw himself into the business and built it up to where it is today. At Distinct Occasions, I am passionate about weddings, but know that the price of that sometimes means missing birthdays, anniversaries, major holidays. When you’re passionate about something the time, the energy, the inner peace it brings make it all worthwhile.

Buddy, like a lot of us, started from the bottom – washing dishes, cleaning toilets – but slowly rose through the ranks learning each and every job in the bakery as he went. This not only helped him when he reached the top but ensures that he knows his business from the inside out.  Likewise, when I started Distinct Occasions, I learned by doing. I walked in my vendors shoes and shadowed them at their jobs. I wanted to see what it was like for every cog in the business wheel and not just my own stilletto pumps!

Buddy’s cakes are not the cheapest on the block. With a staff of 130 and a new 40,000 sq ft bakery being built his overhead needs to get paid. His reputation, his beautiful cakes, and he himself are the true value he brings to his business. When you buy a cake, a canoli, or even a lobster tail from Carlo’s Bakery you’re buying a little bit of Buddy and his family. Value isn’t just the price you charge but the service you provide. At Distinct Occasions, I am definitely not the cheapest Planner on the block. My reputation, my clients, my beautiful weddings all speak for themselves. I pride myself in personally dealing with each and every client that comes through my doors. Whether you live next door, next town over or other side of the world through technology, travel and communication I am there with you step by step providing service and support throughout your planning.

In the end, Buddy Valastro, is the Cake Boss because of passion, talent, and a personality you can’t help but like. I hope, Distinct Occasions, is a great Wedding Boss – providing service for value, hand touching each wedding to make sure from the bottom up it is the very best it can be all because I am passionate and it truly shines through!

Happy Planning & Beautiful Design,
Crystal Adair-Benning

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