Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Getting Your Wedding Published: A How To Guide

I absolutely adore bridal magazines and inspirational websites. When a bride comes to meet with me often their clutching inspiration photos from these resources as their own personal wedding bible of sorts. It surprises, and flatters, even more when their inspired by a wedding that I’ve done! WOW… just WOW! So, since I get asked a LOT about how to get a clients wedding published I thought I would give Brides a few tips on making it magazine or blog-worthy!

If you read a blog every day or tote a magazine around for inspiration you likely know what their currently publishing. If you want to be part of that – consider what others that have gone before you have done in order to “walk in their shoes”. Is the magazine all about high-end luxury and over-the-top florals? Is the blog all about DIY projects? How many weddings do they generally publish? And WHAT is their submission process like? I know this may be a wierd thought well in advance BUT if you truly want to see your wedding talked about… you better know the criteria for submitting. Do they have a media gag order? Want exclusivity? When do they choose? Can your vendors have images of their work? Do you have to use vendors already working with or advertising with that blog/magazine?

… so make them count!!! It’s not always about DIY but it’s about the special touches! If your wedding menu is unique or different, if the favors have flair, if the guests danced barefoot in the sand – it’s a detail so it matters! Beware of whom you hire to photograph your wedding as if you want published they better shoot details just as well as they shoot people! Magazines and Blogs are all about inspiration so trust me when I say… details matter.

If you have an interesting story – highschool sweethearts, long distance love, multicultural experiences, etc – it all is part of the story you tell every day just by living and breathing it BUT does it come across well in editorial or through images? If your wedding tells the story – themed with you in mind, special touches, uniforms, etc. Tell your story!!! Often times it’s the pictures but also the story that will get you published!

That’s right… you heard it here first! Whether you spend $80o0, $80000 or $800,000 it won’t make a difference in the end if your wedding doesn’t have heart! What will matter is where you submit and knowing your audience. An $8000 backyard fete with BBQ burgers isn’t likely to sell to an upscale highend magazine but it just might for a more DIY creative magazine! I’ve seen wedding for $20,000 that were far more interesting than the wedding for $200,000 and vice versa – it’s all about those details and knowing what counts.

High quality vendors with brilliant ideas and amazing resources will go a long way to making your wedding spectacular. While brides can (and do) still plan weddings on their own having an ally in your corner who knows the Industry and knows who’s hot and who’s not can go a long way in guiding your wedding to published glory!

So, there you have it… a few simple Bride Ideas for getting your wedding featured in a blog or magazine!

Happy Planning & Beautiful Design,
Crystal Adair-Benning

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