Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Beautiful Recipe Organizer for Recipe Collectors Extraordinaire

If you’re a rock star when it comes to collecting recipes, welcome to the band.  I’ve been a recipe collector extraordinaire since the day I got married.  Recipes are a great passion of mine and the drawers, folders, recipe boxes, and tins filled with recipes support this fact.

In addition to a cookbook collection that would make AMAZON green with envy, I have recipes snipped from favorite magazines, newspapers, books, and index cards where I’ve jotted down recipes on the fly.  Not only are these recipes a great source for cooking, they’re unbelievably precious for strolling down memory lane.  I often jot little notes on recipes such as, “My husband said this was his favorite chicken ever” or “(insert daughter’s name) and I made these on a cold December evening.”

The recipes and the notes allow me to relive the magic all over again.

I also love to come up with my own recipes and concoctions – so I write them down as well with step by step instructions and amendments. More paper, more index cards, more recipes…

After years of cooking and collecting, they’re everywhere!  When I set out to find one, it can be like The Amazing Race taking place in my kitchen.  Recently, I had an epic search for a favorite sugar cookie icing recipe.  I’ll never get the 30 minutes I spent searching back, but it was kind of a kick to visit with all of the memories.

The gorgeous Wicker File Basket by Bond Helman

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