Wednesday, August 12, 2009

The Cake Boss Reality Show


Carlo’s Bakery! Anyone who grew up in Jersey will be able to relate to this show. Buddy Valastro is an awesome baker in Hoboken, NJ. Buddy and his Italian family provide us with hours of entertainment on TLC’s hit show, “The Cake Boss”.

Buddy works with “Mia Familia” (my family, as he says on the show). He works with:
Mother Mary, Sister Mary, Brother in law Mauro, Sister Grace, Brother in law Joe, Cousin Frankie, Sister Lisa, Brother in law Remy and Sister Maddalena.

Along with his family he also works with: Danny, Sal, Stephanie, Christine, Tony, Violet, Daniella and Toni.
Together they make and decorate some of the best cakes you will ever see. In addition to cakes, they make classic Italian pastries such as cannolis.

All together they make a great bunch! They all work very well together and the family atmosphere is what draws viewers in week after week.

Last night on the show, Buddy iced a cake and made a blue rose while blindfolded. It was a very impressive site! He did better blindfolded than many can do with their eyes open. It was amazing!

For videos and full episodes, go to:

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