Tuesday, August 11, 2009

The Cake Boss Carlos Bake Shop

The Cake Boss's Shop is situated at Hobogen of New Jersey City.
The shop is so popular and many people visit the shop and order the cake they like. Many people coming to the shop from other towns for the taste of the bakery and cakes. There are many variety of cakes for you to select and order. There are wedding cake, wedding cake is important and it play a very important role at the wedding party. And it is an attractive part of the photo taking at the wedding party selection. And there are birthday cakes. Beside wedding cakes and birthday cakes, there are also mini cakes, and there are Almond Biscottis, Chocolate Biscottis, And a lot others like Cupcakes, tarts and cannoli and a lot more.

The Biscottis
Carlo's Bakery Biscottis

The Wedding Cake
Another designer wedding cake

The Cupcakes
Assorted Designer Cupcakes

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