Thursday, February 14, 2013

Cake Designs

This cake was done the same weekend as the two days notice wedding cake. it was for a friend of my oldest son. He loves to snowboard and his family treats my son so ...
My son wanted a Spiderman cake for his birthday, he has been wanting that for such a long time and I promised him that I will make one for him,
I have a book full of inspiring cake designs. Each year I hand it to my two children just before their birthday. One day I hope they'll ask for the ...
I made this cake for my son who was 4 last weekend. he loves spiderman and proceeded to pull his head straight off and eat it. Good job it was made from rice crispiest
My son's birthday is Saturday. He will be 17 yrs old. Can someone please give me some ideas how to get his cake decorated?

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