Thursday, January 6, 2011

How to Make Fudge from Scratch

Are you tired of making burnt or tasteless fudge? Or are you tired of the same old fudge recipe?

I have been there and I totally understand your frustration!

No matter how hard I tried to make great fudge I always ended up with the same results.

I would try to whisk the chocolate fast then I would try to whisk it slow.

I would change the order in which I added the ingredients. I would even try to take out some ingredients that I thought was giving me unsatisfactory results.

I got to the point where I was beyond frustration.

But, I have to let YOU in on something. I OVERCAME this little bump in my candy making road and so can you!

I have learned a few secrets that made my ordinary candy into extraordinary delicacies.

Often times many candy makers encounter many challenges in their candy making endeavors. Especially when it comes to making fudge!

Here is the secret. I now use very strict temperature control when using any fudge recipe.

Mainly with chocolate because it can scold and burn REALLY easy. This can make a gross burnt overall taste and after taste.

No matter if you are cooking with white chocolate, milk chocolate, or dark chocolate you need to keep your stoves temperature range at a low to medium setting.

Otherwise you will be wasting time and money because you will be left with a batch of candy that no one will eat!!!

Uneaten food will hurt any cook's feelings! LOL!

I control the temperature by using a candy thermometer. Most people believe they can make candy without it.

I am here to tell you that this little gadget WILL make the difference in the taste and texture of your homemade candy creations!

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