Thursday, October 28, 2010

Tie Dye Techniques

Tie dye is an action involving dyeing of fabrics afterwards attached them in assorted patterns to actualize designs on the material. The arrangement in which you tie the bolt and the colors you accept are amendable for the final design. This is a superb way to about-face your old t-shirts, skirts or pants into fresh garments. Once you apprentice tie-dye techniques, you can actualize assorted designs on bolt and accept fun with colors.
The best accepted designs created accommodate spirals, stripes and starbursts. However, if you convenance added you will be able to accomplish alike hearts, ovals, rosettes and a array of added items. It's like the added and added you practice, you will be able to actualize added good designs. Basically the knots, elastic band/string positions and the twists of the bolt actualize the assorted patterns. The way you bend the bolt determines the patterns you will get on it. There are several folding techniques that will anniversary accord a altered design. Here are some folding techniques:
1) Bond Tying: This is the basic method. You charge to authority the apparel from both ends and clasp it like a rope. Then, you charge to bond it deeply and adhere with strings or elastic bands. You can bond at several places depending on the architecture you ambition to have. This bend will accord you admirable accomplished lines.
2) Spirals: Lay the actual on a collapsed table. Application your deride or a fork, columnist the abode area you appetite the centermost of the spiral. Then, captivation it firmly, amphitheater the apparel and accumulate flattening the fabric. Get the apart ends aural so that the apparel becomes flat. Without advancing the design, accelerate a few elastic bands such that they accommodated in the middle.
3) Tie Dye Circles: This is a actual simple address yet absolutely an affecting one. Pick the bolt from area you appetite the centre of the circle. Application the added duke align alike pleats about the centre. Leave the centre and tie the knots with strings at several places starting from the base. Ensure that the ties are actual tight. If you tie added fabric, you get bigger circles. You can accomplish several circles on the fabric.
4) Stripes: You can actualize stripes on the bolt horizontally, vertically, aslant and asperous stripes. Mainly, you accept to about cycle the bolt like a tube. Then, you charge tie with strings or elastic bands deeply at assorted intervals abounding times. This depends on how bluebery you appetite your stripes. You can alike tie stripes of altered abstracts to get an asperous pattern.
5) Pleats: Among the assorted tie dye techniques this is conceivably the simplest one. The bolt has to be laid flat. Then application both your easily you charge compression it from both abandon all the way up. Afterwards that you accept to tie at altered lengths. You can alike move your easily anyhow or alternatively compression added actual from anniversary duke to actualize altered designs.

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