Monday, July 26, 2010

How does Buddy approach a cake design?

I get visions. I have epiphanies. And each cake, sometimes they take longer than others. I really have to think about something, and, you know, really not hear anything or not get disturbed for like 10 or 15 minutes sometimes. I mean sometimes it’ll take an hour and then, poof, something will pop in my head. And that’s kind of how it starts. You know I visually see it and in my mind I reconstruct it. I think of gravity. I think of feasibility and timeline and stuff like that if I can do it. You know, because I’ve pushed myself to the limits lots of times. So I know like how big a board could be before it ain’t gonna make it out the door. Or how big it is to get into the refrigerator. Or the elevator. So, you know I already have that knowledge and I apply that in the process of making the cake.

You know you have to apply different techniques and you have to figure out ways of making it bigger and really pushing it to the edge. Because sometimes your visions are different types of cakes where the bigger the better or, you know how am I gonna do this? Cause I can see it and I want to do it but, you know then there’s reality. What am I gonna knock a wall out so that I can drive this thing out the car? You know what I’m saying?

Time is always an issue. But with time, you know what it is? I don’t worry much about time. I know that if I have to I will push and stay all night until it’s done. I’m the type of person -- I’m wired different. I don’t give up. No matter, like I don’t fail. No matter what I have to do not to fail, I do it. I’ll redo a cake 10 times if I have to. I’ll work, you know four days straight. I won’t sleep. I won’t eat. I will do what I have to do to get the job done. I’m hardest on myself. I’m my worst critic.

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